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July 9 - 10th, 2011
Team UXC Running the Paragon ATV
GNCC Wiseco John Penton Race
Sunday Creek Raceway
Millfield, OH . >>

 Sept. 10 - 11th, 2011
Team UXC Running the Paragon ATV
GNCC Can-Am Unadilla Race
Unadilla Raceway
New Berlin, NY . >>

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What They Say


"We haven't even tapped the beginning of what the Paragon has to offer"

- Donnie Williamson

Welcome to Hi-Tech Performance.

Proprietor and clutching guru, Duane Watt, has been designing and working with the snowmobile clutch for over 30 years.  He has worked on and redesigned the Quick-Shift Gold Magnum clutch and has developed numerous ideas to reinvent what clutching is today.

Not many people know, but he is the inventor of the Encapsulated Roller clutch system, the same kind of system used by Polaris and Team Industries, and has aggressively developed clutch components over the last few years for Hi-Tech Performance and other companies.

Hi-Tech Performance offers high quality service and tech support on all of the products we sell.  Plus, we stand behind the products we build.  You will be satisfied with your purchase, or we will make it right with you.

Check our site often for updates and additions to our product line throughout the year.

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Clutching - It's what we do

Pay attention as there is much more to come.

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